Your home medicine chest
Your home medicine chest


Your Home Medicine Chest

Because minor illnesses can happen at any time it is worth being prepared. A well stocked and up-to-date medicine cabinet is an extremely important and conveninet addition to your home and means you should normally have something at hand to treat the whole family.

What you need!
  • Antacids for indigestion.
  • Anti-diarrhoeal to relieve stomach upsets.
  • Antiseptic cream or liquid for cleaning cuts and grazes.
  • Adhesive tape to secure bandages and dressings.
  • Aspirin/paracetamol/ibuprofen to relieve pain.
  • Cold/flu relief.
  • Cotton wool.
  • Cough formulas - chesty/dry/tickly.
  • Decongestant for stuffed, blocked nose.
  • Decongestant for children.
  • Disposable gloves to protect against infection.
  • Hydrocortisone cream for bites & stings.
  • Mild laxatives to counter constipation.
  • Paracetamol and/or ibuprofen syrups for children.
  • Plasters, bandages & dressings.
  • Sharp scissors (with rounded ends).
  • Sore throat pastilles/lozenges.
  • Sterile eye pads.
  • Sun protection lotion (SPF 20 or higher).
  • Sunburn treatment e.g. calamine.
  • Thermometer to monitor temperature.
  • Topical treatment for muscular pain.
  • Triangular bandages for support.
  • Tweezers for removing foreign bodies.

For your baby
  • Colic Treatment
  • Cough Mixture
  • Decongestant Capsules
  • Insect bite cream/spray
  • Nappy rash cream
  • Rehydration Powder
  • Teething Gel

Important Tips
  • Your medicine chest should be kept out of the reach of children.
  • Always check age suitability for ALL treatments.
  • Never give aspirin to children under 16 years.
  • Always consult the pharmacist or your doctor if you are taking any other medication or are in doubt.
  • Always follow the instructions on the medicine label and take the suggested dose.
  • Regularly check medicines making sure they are not past their use-by date (the pharmacist will dispose of these for you).
  • Make sure you keep all medicines in their original container.
  • Don’t share prescription medicines with others.
  • Here could be other items which you need to add to your medicine chest such as anti-histamine tablets if you are prone to hayfever, although remember some of these may cause drowsiness. Anti-viral cream if you suffer from cold sores, etc.
  • When using a decongestant, remember that children may require a different type or dosage from adults and sometimes simply sitting them in a steam-filled bathroom can help.
  • Be sure to read the label before using antiseptic solution to clean cuts and grazes, as some need to be diluted in water before use.
  • Calamine lotion is excellent for soothing the skin after sunburn, and is also effective for taking the itch out of insect bites and stings.


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